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Will Ferrell Nailed A Cheerleader With A Basketball; Was That His Only Sports Cameo?

Will Ferrell is many things: Genius comedian, brilliant businessman, close personal friend of everyone employed by Funny Or Die. He can add another skill to that list: He is great at hitting cheerleaders with basketballs.

Ferrell appeared in character at a Pelicans game, as a drunk, overwrought father trying to make a half-court shot. Instead, he nailed a Lakers cheerleader in the head with the ball.

Video and photos of the incident:

Mr. Ferrell getting ejected from the stadium, as happens.

Of course the whole incident was staged for a film. According to IMDb, it ‘s for Daddy ‘s Home, in which Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are rivals for the heart of Ferrell ‘s ex-wife. Staged or not, though, that cheerleader went down hard. The whole thing looks so real that it makes us wonder if this is the only major sports event he ‘s disrupted lately ‘

Here are some other sports things that Ferrell might be responsible for:

  • Snuck into Patriots ball vault and deflated footballs for a scene in Lego Movie 2.
  • If you look closely, Aaron Rodgers ‘s grimace of shame after the Packers lost to the Seattle Seahawks is actually a hilarious Will Ferrell character for Elf 2.
  • Since volatile U.S. Women ‘s Soccer goalkeeper Hope Solo was suspended today, maybe she can be replaced by a tall, yelling woman in an obvious wig for Ladybugs 2: Big Ladybugs, which would legit be an amazing movie that someone should make.

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