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SkyMall Files For Bankruptcy But Not Before We Look At Their Ridiculous Products One More Time

The parent company of SkyMall has officially filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. SkyMall is a clown show of absurd crap that makes us all simultaneously ashamed and proud to be an American, reveling in all the (sometimes oddly beautiful and creative but usually idiotically useless) products available to us if we ever get rich enough to spend hundreds of dollars on something ‘as a joke.” Even with those contradicting feelings, it ‘s still a treat to spend a few minutes every time we fly thumbing through the funny pictures in our dirty, slimy, tattered, FREE seat-back pocket copy of SkyMall Magazine.

The parent company, Xhibit Corp., hopes to sell SkyMall, so there is still hope the catalog could be revived. But just in case, let ‘s take a look at some of the best ridiculous products we ‘ve seen in the catalog.

The ‘optional cover” is for the upright sleeper concerned with appearances.

‘All shirts are a piece of art” is something I yelled at my dad when he wouldn ‘t let me wear my favorite Jimmy Eat World t-shirt to church once.

How many of these were used as props in independently funded sci-fi films over the years?

‘you know you would if you could”

This is just good comedy.

If you saw someone riding one of these bad boys down the sidewalk, it would be tough not to push them over. It looks so easy, just a little push and ‘Whhhoooaa, I ‘m fallin ‘ ova ‘ here!”

Pair with Lilliputian can of beer and you are on absurd looking camper, BUT I GUESS THAT ‘S WHAT YOU WERE GOING FOR.

Staying healthy is tough these days. Let ‘s pack protein in wherever the heck we can.

You thought this was a desk? Surprise! It ‘s a sauna! (It can be a desk too, btw)

Unclear what kind of conversation this starts.

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