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Conan Challenges Rob Gronkowski And Marshawn Lynch To Play ‘Mortal Kombat X’; It Is Way More Violent Than Football

Conan challenges Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski to play ‘Mortal Kombat X ‘

This Sunday it ‘s the Super Bowl. Super Bowl Sunday, some call it. And when the Big Game rolls around, the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots will duke it out in that most brutal of past times, American football.

But before the action starts on the field, Conan O'Brien invited Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch and Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski for an even more brutal American past time: video games.

Gronk ‘s impressive stats.
Lynch loves Lorelai, but who doesn ‘t?

See below for the hilarious 11-minute clip. What stands out, though, is how much the video game violence disturbs both Lynch and Gronkowski, two massive men who perpetrate physical violence on other massive men for a living.

For those who haven ‘t seen a modern fighting video game, it is pretty shocking to see how far the boundaries have been pushed in order to keep 12-year-old boys entertained.

Yep, that ‘s a still-beating heart.
Conan, Marshawn, and Rob look on in horror as their video game avatar gets a sword straight through the face.

Wow. I guess video games might be the only thing we ‘re exposing our children too on a routine basis that is more violent than football?

But hey, what ‘s a little violence when you can have this much fun:

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