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Queen Are The Champions, But Jimmy Fallon Singing “We Are The Champions” With A Bunch Of Celebs Is Fun Too

Here ‘s a fun ice breaker question: if you could listen to anyone sing an a cappella version of Queen ‘s ‘We Are The Champions?” who would you say? The correct answer is Queen and Freddie Mercury, because one cannot improve upon perfection. However, a close second would be to say Jimmy Fallon, The Roots, Carrie Underwood, Sam Smith, Ariana Grande, Blake Shelton, Usher, One Direction and Christina Aguilera. If that was your answer, then you are in luck, because that exact combination of people got together for The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon to do just that. Well, not quite that exact list of people. Meghan Trainor also joined the bunch, who I personally would have left off the invite email because I think that ‘All About That Bass” song sucks worse that a Hoover launched out of an airlock into the vacuum of space. But anyway, that ‘s the combo of people in this video, which, all things considered, is still pretty fun:

Okay, that was fun. But now as a special prize, please let ‘s take a moment to remember the fucking incredibleness of Freddie Mercury and Queen:

Woah, are you still here? You must love Queen and Freddie Mercury almost as much as I do. I respect that. Here, watch this. Your day job or your shower or your crying baby or whatever it is you should be doing instead of watching internet videos can wait. Trust me. You ‘ll be happier for it.

Queen. Live Aid. July 13th, 1985. Live Aid. Wembley Stadium. 25 minutes that changed music. Yes, it ‘s a 25 minute YouTube video, but please trust me when I implore you that it is worth every single beautiful second. Best of all, the song ‘All About That Bass” is not played at all.

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