By: Jon Kovel

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Playing Doctor

WITH Patrick Carlyle, Laura Chinn, Kiel Kennedy, Madeline Walter and Eden White. Written and Directed by Jon Kovel

Patrick Carlyle
Laura Chinn
Kiel Kennedy
Madeline Walter
Eden White
Written and Directed by Jon Kovel
Produced by Jon Kovel and John William Ross
Cinematographer: Stephen Tringalli
AC: Vito Huizar
Associate Producer: Evan Brown
Editor: Tighe Damron
Sound Mixer: Shawn Duffy
AD: John Ross
Sound: Paul Wustrack
Grip/PA: Rob Garrett
PA: Chris U
Makeup: Kate Matlock
‘Bossa Nova Yesterday ‘ by Steven Rice Courtesy of Sunset Hill Music
Thanks to:
The Hunsaker Family
Maria Bissell
Kristen White
A very special super duper thanks to Yannina Diaz

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