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Single on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's Day is coming. Luckily, singles have their own day to celebrate – Singles Awareness Day (S.A.D.). Yes, a day just for single ladies and gents. And you know what, there are some big benefits of singledom, like not watching Game of Thrones whenever you want and playing Call of Duty until the sun rises. Forget the chocolates, unless you're buying them for yourself! What will you be doing for Singles Awareness Day? *Like* us on Facebook: *Follow* us on Twitter: @cherrylolz Katie – Monica Sherer Catherine – Genevieve Lee @gleeami Juniper – Samantha Sergeant @samrsergeant (Preface to Being Jaded) Chad – Daniel Cooley Dave – Mike Truesdale Director: Pascal Leister @pascalleister Writer: Genevieve Lee @gleeami Producer: Genevieve Lee Cherry Bomb Comedy Logo: Royalty Free Music: Special Thanks: Alpita Patel, Charles Khoury, Tom Choi

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