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Celebrities Enjoy Funny Or Die’s New Weather App

Celebrities Enjoy Funny Or Die ‘s New Weather AppWritten by: Morgan Burris (and various celebrities)

Don ‘t believe you should download the new FOD weather app available right now in the apple app store? Well, listen to your favorite celebrities as they talk about the app and prepare to be swayed!

Taylor Swift

This app is a daydream dressed like a daydream. It makes me feel like I ‘m 22 and Tim McGraw is playing and the color red all rolled up into one. I ‘m naming my next cat ‘FunnyorDie Weather app ‘.

‘ Taylor Swift, to her mom (probably).

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple

Dammnit. Funny and functional? That ‘s everything we ‘ve ever tried to put into an app. We should ‘ve thought of this. You know what? You ‘re all fired.

‘ Tim Cook, at an Apple board meeting in the future (presumably).

Simon Cowell

I want to hate this app, but I can ‘t. I love it so much. I love it more than I secretly loved Paula on American Idol, which was a lot. Am I too dated a pop culture reference for this writer to be using?

‘ Simon Cowell, to himself at breakfast (most likely).


I am the Lord your god. So I sayeth, so shall be. After this article has been consumed by your mortal sight, you shall journey to the site as it resides on the web and download the app of which we speak. Do so, and I, your savior shall be pleased. Fail to accomplish this task and your crops will yield poor harvest, your mother shall come down with the measles and your children will be on reality television.

‘ Oprah, to Gayle (confirmed).

The new Funny Or Die app is available for download right now!
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