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Links! The SNL Cast Reflects On 40 Years, Eugene Mirman Reviews A Bunch Of Farts, And More!

If we ‘re being honest, this week ‘s links could use a little more cowbell.

  • The Current SNL Cast Reflects On 40 Years – Gotham
  • Monty Python For Millenials – McSweeney ‘s
  • The Most Inappropriate Kidz Bop Songs Ever – Uproxx
  • QUIZ: Which Girls Character Are You? – Clickhole
  • Bob ‘s Burgers ‘ Eugene Mirman Very Seriously Reviews Farts – Vulture
  • More Brian Williams Exaggerations – Team Coco
  • How to Date a Guy Shorter Than You Without Barfing on His Head – Reductress
  • Which Diseases Would Your Favorite Disney Characters Die From? – Above Average

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