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What Else Has Brian Williams Lied About?

Brian Williams, pondering more lies to tell.

This week, NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams was blasted in the media for lying about having been in a helicopter hit by a grenade while reporting on the war in Iraq. Because of this transgression, Williams ‘ entire tenure in the public eye is now under intense scrutiny. Here are just a few of the other allegedly false claims made by Williams:

  • Despite his unwillingness to talk details, claims he was a passenger on the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370
  • Claims his nickname is ‘Switchblade” Williams, but no one has ever heard anyone refer to him in this way besides Williams himself
  • Insists he has his own line of Jumpman sneakers debuting in Fall 2015
  • Says he is fine with seeing his daughter ‘s asshole eaten out on national television but come on ‘ that ‘s your daughter, dog
  • In 1995, he wrote in the annual Williams Christmas Letter than he and his wife had a wonderful vacation in Cancun; they actually went to Tijuana and he got the shits immediately upon arrival
  • Claims he ‘s seen Godfather II but when pressed about his favorite scenes, he looks at your plate and goes ‘Whoa! Eatin ‘ hummus!”
  • Denies he is actually 4 ‘ 9″ despite leaked credit card statements showing he spent $39,000 on drywall stilts in 2014
  • Says he ‘s got the ‘sweetest pussy in town”
  • Says Tina Fey calls him all the time for help with jokes and funniness and also just to hang out
  • Claims he built a real-life Pinocchio boy but can ‘t show anyone yet
  • Tries to act like he smokes
  • Claims to have visited Jurassic Park
  • Has told anyone who will listen that at the end of Lost In Translation, Bill Murray whispers into Scarlet Johannson ‘s ear, ‘Brian Williams is America ‘s most trusted news source”
  • Has at least admitted that he ‘s actually three Korean children in a business suit
  • We ‘re starting to think that maybe he didn ‘t even really do all those raps that the Jimmy Fallon show said he did

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