By: Melinda Taub

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How Not To Draw Muhammad

Drawing faces takes a lot of practice. But by following these guidelines, artists of all levels of ability can learn to draw a face that has the correct proportions, and does not depict the prophet Muhammad. Ready? Let ‘s draw!

Step 1

Draw an upside-down egg. Don ‘t worry about making it perfect ‘ you can go back later and make it look less like the prophet Muhammad.

Step 2

Lightly draw in some guidelines: a vertical line down the center of the face, and two horizontal lines. At this stage, it doesn ‘t even look like a face yet, so there ‘s little worry that you will offend a quarter of the world, or prompt any extremists to murder you. Just make sure that you haven ‘t drawn a speech bubble saying ‘Hi, I am the prophet Muhammad.” That ‘s a common beginner ‘s mistake.

Step 3

Draw in the eyes and nose. The mouth is roughly 1/3 down in the lower half of the face. Draw it smiling, since Muhammad was probably too busy founding a religion to smile much. No wait, draw it frowning. He was probably pretty happy since he knew God. You know what, don ‘t draw a mouth at all.

Step 4

Cool. Cool. This could be anyone.

Step 5

Wait, is it bad that it could be anyone? Better draw in some stuff Muhammad definitely wouldn ‘t have, like a septum piercing and cat whiskers. And a mustache and Google Glass and a beehive hairdo and rabbit ears. Muhammad doesn ‘t have those! Wait, if he did have rabbit ears it would probably be super offensive though. Crap crap crap. Erase all that.

Step 6


Step fire

Do NOT throw the drawing in a fire. That would be VERY disrespectful, if it were Muhammad, WHICH IT IS NOT. Place it in a gold box and keep it safe forever. Also update: Muhammad did not know God but received His word from the archangel Gabriel. So a frowny mouth would have been fine.

Step 1 again

Let ‘s just start over.

Step 2


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