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Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong? You Won’t BELIEVE What These Actresses Look Like Now

Hey Hollywood: Maybe it ‘s time to lay off the plastic surgery, especially if you ‘re a woman of a certain age. First Renee Zellweger, then Uma Thurman ‘ star after star is showing up looking practically unrecognizable. Here are five more stars who look NOTHING like their old selves.

Courteney Cox

Left, Courteney Cox at the red carpet premiere of ‘Saving Mr. Banks ‘ in 2013; right, Courteney today.

So no one told you life was gonna be this ‘ scaly? The Friends star showed up on a red carpet recently looking gorgeous, but ‘ different. So has the former Friend had work done? Or has she just aged into a new look? Plastic surgeon Dr. Christophopher Pim, who does not treat the star, said, ‘This is a picture of a dragon.” Guess we ‘ll never know!

Meg Ryan

Left, Meg Ryan rocks a sweet, natural look in 2013 at the ‘Saving Mr. Banks ‘ premiere; right, the star today.

Whoa! Is that you, Sally? TheYou ‘ve Got Mail star showed up on the red carpet looking a little ‘ changed. ‘I think she looks great!” says Petra Bimp of fashion blog Fuck You. ‘It ‘s great to see a disgusting old woman who isn ‘t afraid to say, ‘Hey, I can still breathe fire. ‘ “

Ashley Judd

At left, the Ashley Judd we know and love, at the 2013 ‘Saving Mr. Banks ‘ premiere; right, Ash ‘s current look.

Has the Kentucky stunner gone under the knife? Not so, says her agent ‘ it ‘s just fresh air and plenty of sleep that helped the star of Beautiful Girls grow 20-foot leathery wings. At the Selma premiere we said ‘Hey Ashley, have you had work done?” but she just screeched and flew off into the sky with half an Entertainment Weekly reporter in each talon.

Nicole Kidman

Left, Nicole Kidman at the ‘Saving Mr. Banks ‘ premiere in October 2013; right, Kidman in late October 2013.

Nicole Kidman has always denied having plastic surgery. So is it possible that it ‘s just a weird camera angle that made her look so different? Absolutely. But that doesn ‘t explain why she leveled Chicago with her flame breath while screeching, ‘I am your fire queen, I am your destroyer.” Jeez, Nic, are you still mad that The Paperboy wasn ‘t better received?


Left, Madonna at the ‘Saving Mr. Banks ‘ premiere, 2013; right, Madonna 15 minutes after the 2013 premiere.

Yo, Madonna ‘s a dragon now.

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