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Top Designer Dog Breeds 2015

Goldendoodle. Puggle. Two beloved examples of “designer breeds” ‘ dogs of different breeds intentionally bred for their specific qualities. So what are the latest, best designer dogs coming out of the woodwork today? Find a comprehensive list of the best of the best below.

Miniature German Shnauperd
Miniature Schnauzer and German Shepherd

Loyal, hard working, huge head ‘ this versatile mix would be great for a family with kids or a family of cops. Will require some brushing and the dog will be treated like a freak by other dogs.

Chiwow Chiwow
Chihuahua and Chow Chow

This small puff ball is a real treat for fur fans. Be sure to keep an eye on how furry it gets, however, as it may overtake the small Chiwow Chiwow and the dog beneath will disappear forever.

Boston Ground Squirrier
Boston Terrier and a Ground Squirrel

A small squog that will love fetching balls and burying nuts, this little guy thrives in lightly wooded areas. Keep this guy away from kids, though, as it will bite anyone near its food.

Scottish Canadian
Scottish Terrier and Canadian Goose

A mixed breed for those who want a woofing, honking canine that can fly, has a beak, and will run away south every winter.

Great Dorse
Great Dane and a Horse

You can ride them, they play fetch ‘ pretty much the perfect animal. Just be sure to have unique dorse shoes made for them, and keep in mind that if it hurts itself you ‘ll have to shoot it.

Garbage Doodle
Poodle and a Dumpster of Trash

Hypoallergenic, 60% compostable materials, highly intelligent, and capable of holding a lot of garbage. The only drawbacks to the Garbage Doodle ‘ they should be emptied about once a week and smell like piss in summer.

Labrador Retriever and a Common Door

All the loyalty and love of a labrador retriever with the privacy and small eye hole of a door. Loves to exercise and be knocked on with a brass knocker. The tail is the knob, FYI.

Grysler Retrievable
Golden Retriever and a Chrysler convertible

Extremely friendly, lovable mix with a six-year warranty. Both exterior and interior require regular brushing, and it may try and hump other cars. Can only eat unleaded dog food.

Google Dachsund
Google Doc and a Dachshund.

For the tech-savy who want a pooch that is shareable with your contacts and automatically updates before your eyes. You can access your Google Dach anywhere ‘ all you need is an internet connection and some treats.

Illustrations by Pat Barrett

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