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Read Norm Macdonald’s Thoughts On SNL 40, Celebrity Jeopardy, And Eddie Murphy, Via More Than 100 Of His Tweets

Norm Macdonald returned to SNL last week to write for and perform in the show ‘s 40th anniversary special, and afterwards he tweeted out more than 100 tweets containing behind-the-scenes information about the show. Macdonald talked about what it was like to be back in the studio, the intent to have Eddie Murphy featured in SNL 40‘s ‘Celebrity Jeopardy,” how it felt to have every SNL cast member ranked in Rolling Stone, and several other topics that you can see if you scroll down some.

Read Macdonald ‘s thoughts below and check out some of the SNL 40 highlights here.

On arriving to work onSNL 40:

On the origins and format of ‘Celebrity Jeopardy”:

On Steve Higgins ‘s idea to put Eddie Murphy inSNL 40‘s Celebrity Jeopardy:

On Mike Myers, Dana Carvey, and ‘Waynes World”:

On 40 years of SNL cast getting ranked in Rolling Stone:

On Bill Murray/golf:

On hanging out with the SNL 40 cast and Paul McCartney:

And finally, on Eddie Murphy:

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