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13 Other People Bill Cosby Applauds For Their Courage

Bill Cosby, accused serial rapist and America ‘s dad, said this week that he “applauds” Eddie Murphy for choosing not to spoof Cosby ‘s ongoing sexual-assault allegations as part of SNL ‘s 40th Anniversary special. Here are some other individuals that Cosby has applauded for their bravery:

  • “Marlee Matlin, your silence is both noted and appreciated.”
  • “Chris Kattan, for not doing ‘Mango ‘ at SNL 40. I don ‘t like being told what I can ‘t have.”
  • “Brian Williams, for publicly disgracing yourself in a clear show of solidarity with the Cos ‘.”
  • “The dozens of women who still haven ‘t woken up. Your continued silence shows grace and class.”
  • “Mimes. You get it.”
  • “The Westboro Baptist Church. Thank you for sticking to the issues.”
  • “My children, who are so silent they won ‘t even talk to me.”
  • “Umm ‘ Steve Harvey? Has Steve Harvey said anything? If not, thank you, Steve Harvey.”
  • “Woody Allen. You don ‘t talk, I don ‘t talk.”
  • “Lena Dunham. What? Aww.”
  • “The makers of Sleeping Beauty. I love that movie.”
  • “No one ‘s said I murdered anyone yet, and that ‘s refreshing. I appreciate whoever ‘s not doing that.”
  • “The UPN Network. Thank you for ceasing to exist long before this situation would have put you in an awkward position. You did the right thing.”

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