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Links! If Elaine Benes Had Instagram, 6 Times Norm Macdonald Didn’t Give A F*ck, And More!

This week ‘s links are very relaxed.

  • If Elaine Benes Had Instagram – Buzzfeed
  • Big Bird Haunts His Original Puppeteer In This Amazing Birdman Parody – Uproxx
  • 6 Times Norm Macdonald Didn ‘t Give a F*ck – Above Average
  • The Onion Film Standard ‘s Oscar Special – The Onion
  • The First Draft of A-Rod ‘s Apology Letter – Mad Magazine
  • Kyle Mooney ‘s Saturday Night Live Tribute Might Be Better Than SNL – Vulture
  • Uptown Funk Is WAY Less Funky Without Music – Happy Place
  • Conan‘s Oscar Movie Reviews – Team Coco

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