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Meryl Streep And J.Lo’s Oscar Week In GIFs

Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez had quite the reaction to Patricia Arquette ‘s speech for wage equality for women in Hollywood at the Oscars last night ‘

But this isn ‘t the first big event these two BFFs have been spotted at. They fell in love with a shark at the Super Bowl ‘

They were not LEFT unimpressed!

And they hit up the Grammys!

Sorry Kayne, Imma let you finish,
but these ladies had the best reactions of the year!

They headed over to the NBA Dunk Contest ‘

Three perfect 10s in one GIF.

And even caught a Justin Bieber show!

Hey Biebs! Be nicer, like Patricia Arquette!

They stopped over at a neighborhood truck race ‘

Now that ‘s a real failure! Something these
ladies have never experienced even one time.

And finally met up with an old friend at the Golden Globes!

Who is this Blast From the Past?

There certainly has been a lot for these ladies to cheer about!

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