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Mom had some very insightful comments about last night ‘s Oscars broadcast. Here ‘s what she thought:

– BRING ELLEN BACK, PLEASE!!!! Most of his jokes weren ‘t funny and the audience didn ‘t seem to get them.

– I didn ‘t like when he came out in his underwear. Very ballsy (excuse the pun) but not really appropriate.

– I loved Roseanna Arquet ‘s (excuse my spelling) speech re equal pay for women.

– Lady Gaga proved she has a gorgeous voice and could be taken as a serious singer if she stopped wearing meat as a dress.

– Melanie Griffin, whom I couldn ‘t have identified if my life depended on it because she has had so much face work she looks pretty scary, and her daughter on the red carpet were ridiculous.

– Most of the women looked like their dresses were on backwards. Some designer made a fortune trying that one.

But, again I will remind you of all the movie stars who took their mothers with them as their dates – hint, hint.

And there you have it. No mention of winners or losers, just honest critiques.

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