By: Nate Dern

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Some People Won’t Realize This Article Came From Funny Or Die

Is this a Funny Or Die article? Almost certainly yes.

What really gets me about this article is that some people won ‘t realize that it is coming from Funny Or Die.

Not me, you see. I ‘m not one of those people. I get that this article is from Funny Or Die. I wrote it, for one thing.

But more than that, I get that this article is from Funny Or Die because I ‘m smart. I ‘m with it and in the know.

I am super good at context clues. I read the headline of an article like this one and right away I start thinking, ‘Okay, is this headline being kind of funny? Is this possibly stating something that is nearly true but exaggerating it to the point of a non-truth, possibly humorously so? Does this headline reference the face that it is a Funny Or Die article?” If the answer to just one of those questions is ‘probably,” then I know that this article might be a Funny Or Die article.

What ‘s even crazier is that some people might even share this article not knowing it is not a Funny Or Die article. Like, they might post it to their personal Facebook feed or on their conservative WordPress blog or perhaps even enter it into the teleprompter of the local news station they produce for some unaware news anchor to read as if it isn ‘t a Funny Or Die article.

Not me though. I take one look at the ‘” that starts out the URL in my URL bar and I know for 99.9% certainty that this article is a Funny Or Die article.

I ‘m well familiar with the concepts of parody. Even satire I am somewhat adept at recognizing. I read Jonathan Swift ‘s A Modest Proposal and felt no desire to eat babies, nor any righteous indignation to get upset at the immoral proposal of such. Instead, I felt pretty sure that some old timey guy was pulling my leg, a fact that was later proved to be the case by a simple Google search.

I know what ‘s up. I get it. I ‘m on the same page with this article that I see. I ‘m in the know.

So, anyway, what else is going on? Um, did you guys see this article that ‘s going around about how Planned Parenthood just opened up an $8 billion abortionplex? Pretty shocking.

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