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Rob Ford Auctioning Off Tie He Wore When He Admitted To Smoking Crack

We all remember where we were when former Toronto Mayor, Rob Ford, admitted LIVE ON TAPE, that he has smoked crack before ‘in a drunken stupor.” I, personally, was sitting in my pajamas, eating cereal, looking at 9/11 truther blogs, when BOOM, this video pops into my news feed.

And of course, upon seeing the tape, our eyes were drawn to the now-famous tie.

I can ‘t shoose a favorite, I love ALL the teams!

Well, guess what? You can own that NFL football team logo themed tie that he ‘s wearing in that video by logging on to Ford ‘s eBay shop and posting a bid! The current highest bid is at $9,250 Canadian (which is $7,408.30 American).

What you might be saying: How in the heck is that tacky tie with NFL logos worth that much money?

This isn ‘t just some cash grab by a man clinging to a flickering sense of fame who might be mentally unstable and probably has a lot of financial issues. It ‘s a legitimately super valuable tie. He ‘s too modest to explain in the eBay store, but here are some secret features of this famous tie that will have you bidding on it in no time:

  • It ‘s still got a lot of crack on it, like, way more than you ‘d think a Mayor of a major city should have.
  • The tie comes with a Rob Ford signed letter of authenticity. Signed in crack.
  • Canadian Football League team logos are on the back, but they ‘re mostly covered by a layer of crack.
  • 12 oz. of buffalo wing sauce can be wringed out if you act fast. Have you ever had crack infused wing sauce?!
  • It ‘s an old (\#retro \#vintage) tie. It has the Houston Oilers logo on it, so it definitely predates their last season in 1996 so, a 20-30 year old tie? That ‘s pretty cool. Crack has been around for about that long.
  • The tie is mostly silk. And crack.
  • And if you ‘re racist: The Washington Redskins logo, easily the most racist major professional sports team logo, prominently displays just under the windsor knot if you have a big fat neck that ‘s full of crack

Feel free to browse the rest of Ford ‘s eBay store for other great memorabilia like Giant Moose Print Pants and a Keep calm And Carry On Poster that ‘s selling for C $610 for some reason.

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