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Taiwan Hotel Offers Bat Cave Room, Movie Themed Rooms Are Gonna Be Big

The Eden Motel in Taiwan is renting out an elaborately decorated Batman-themed suite. The Batcave room includes Bat mirror, Bat bed, Bat safe, flat-screen Bat TV, and pretty much everything else that would be in a hotel room only Batman logo-shaped and pronounced with the word Bat in front of it. The floodlit bathtub has a bat signal in it and the bedroom is covered in Batcave-style walls. The whole thing is rather elaborate and is rented exclusively in three-hour chunks (just enough time for plenty of sex) for ’40 (about $61.50).

The Motel specializes in themed rooms, which include a Mummy (the Brendan Fraser movie!), Alcatraz (pay money to live in prison!), and Aquaman theme, among others. Here are some more pics.

Sure, at one time in our lives we ‘ve all wanted to pay some money, have three hours of sex on a bed with the Batman logo on it, and then get the heck out without having to clean up. But, if I ‘m going to have a three-hour rendezvous with a lady in a movie-themed hotel suite, you better believe I ‘m not gonna choose Batman or some other silly super hero. Here are my top five with some of the amenities included:

The Fargo Suite

‘ It ‘s kept very cold

‘ Wood Paneling and shag carpets galore

‘ Complimentary wood chipper for ‘ whatever

The Billy Madison Suite

‘ Full middle-school classroom setup

‘ Unlimited crates of ‘Our Milk”

‘ Shampoo and conditioner included!

The Eyes Wide Shut Suite

‘ Lots of people in masks having sex, OBVIOUSLY

‘ Alan Cumming is just ‘ around ‘ a lot

‘ Inside those walls Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman are still married, in love, and everything is right with the world

The Scary Movie 2 Suite

‘ Well for one, it ‘s hilarious in there

‘ Two words: horny ghosts!

‘ Spoofs galore (really, I can ‘t stress enough, you will have a good time if you just turn your brain off and stop acting all snotty about it)

The McFarland, USA Suite

‘ Includes full 5k cross-country course that ‘s yours to do whatever you want with

‘ A LOT of water damage from the Waterworld suite renovations

‘ Teeming with Mexican American teens that need a middle-aged white man to wrangle and inspire them. Will you be that middle-aged white man? That ‘s up to you.

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