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New SanDisk Memory Card Will Give Phones More Capacity Than Most Laptops

Memory card company SanDisk has announced the release of their new microSD card that will have 200GB of storage (N.B. for all you n00bs: microSD cards are the ones that are like rectangles and have those little copper looking strips on the end that you stick into your laptop or Android device to put all your pictures of butts on). Previous to this card, the largest microSD card had only 128GB of storage, so that ‘s a big upgrade.

An even bigger deal is that with these new cards, smartphones that have the option for expandable storage (Androids mostly), will now have more capacity than most laptops. Carrying around your phone will be like carrying around a portable hard drive.

If you ‘re like me, all of this is just numbers. What does 200GB mean to me in real life. I ‘ve compiled a list of things you ‘d now be able to fit on your mobile phone with the new 200GB worth of expandable storage (all numbers are approximate):

  • 50,000 songs
  • 47 hours of DVD quality 720p video
  • 67 digital doodles
  • 3,000 Crazy Frog ringtones
  • 57,200 10MP JPEG Photos
  • Plenty of secrets
  • A bunch of electricity
  • 182,000 text messages
  • The ability to do multiple pull ups
  • Triple the networking capability
  • 1,450,000 iCal reminders
  • Sports stats (unlimited amount)
  • 22 warm, dry socks
  • A father ‘s love (dependent on how you pitch in the big game tomorrow)

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