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Sony Reveals PS4 Virtual Reality Headset Will Be Released Next Year, What Are All These VR People Looking At?

At a GDC presentation yesterday, Sony revealed a new version of their PS4 virtual reality headset named Morpheus. They also announced the headsets are scheduled to be sold in the first half of 2016.

*TECH HEAD ALERT* (non-tech heads can skip this paragraph)
Here ‘s some tech specs for the tech heads:
-OLED display of with 1920×1080 resolution
-Framerates of 60fps and 120fps
-Screen is 5.7 inches
-360 degree tracking
-Super low latency

One thing that is different than other VR headsets you ‘ve seen in the past is that you can slide the headset away without taking the whole darn thing off and having to put it down every time you need to take a slug off your Mt. Dew Code Red.

Of course, VR headsets have been around for decades so it ‘s not brand new technology, but they still make me uneasy. Not because I fear a future where all humankind interacts exclusively with a screen in front of their individual faces, cutting them off from human interaction and non-virtual touch, feeling, and one on one kisses. I mainly just don ‘t know what the heck people wearing headsets are looking at and that creeps me out. What if those people are looking at gross porn!? Or murders!? Or childhood videos of me that my dad uploaded to youtube!?

I did some research and put together this handy guide to help you identify what those VR headset wearers are watching so you can put your mind at ease when the inevitable VR revolution comes to pass.

Judging by the positioning and shape of her hands, this user is clearly fondling two gigantic virtual breasts. It ‘s 2015, touching boobs does not count as ‘gross sex stuff” so more power to her.

It ‘s not immediately clear to the untrained eye, but this user is cupping one virtual testicle and lightly raising another to judge weight and density. Obviously a science/research encounter judging by her expression.

This user is virtually shooting another man ‘s dick off. He has been cuckolded and the only rightful vengeance is to destroy that which has severed the marital-sexual bond. This is actually an example of the benefit VR would bring to humanity because in real life this would be a very messy scene.

This user is running home from her virtual office to have sex. Much like Second Life or Sims-like gaming, half the fun of virtual reality is experience real life inconveniences and mundanity from the comfort and safety of your own home. Not to mention that VR sex is just like real life sex: anticipation is half the fun.

This is Angela Lansbury watch VR foot fetish porn.

These two are playing Medal of Honor.

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