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World’s Oldest Person Turns 117 Years Old, Is Unimpressed With That Length Of Time

Misao Okawa, the world ‘s oldest living person, has just turned 117 years old! Born on March 5, 1898 (it ‘s March 5th already where she lives in Japan so get off my back, fact checkers!), Okawa lives in a nursing home in Osaka now where she is still in good health despite having trouble with her hearing. She has two daughters and a son, and six great-grandchildren. And here ‘s a fact about her life to put it all in perspective: her husband, who she married in 1919, died in 1931 ‘she was married 96 years ago and has been a widow for 84 years. That is ‘impressive or uplifting or something! Congratulations to you, Misao Okawa!

Asked how she felt about living for 117 years, Okawa responded, “It seemed rather short.”

Other things that seemed rather short to Okawa:

  • The amount of time you have to wait in line for The Batman roller coaster at Six Flags
  • Decades
  • The 2009 UConn/Syracuse 6OT game in the Big East Tournament quarterfinals
  • Family road trips
  • The line for cronuts!
  • Gandhi, the film
  • Gandhi the man
  • The Beatles reign as best band in the world (She was 62 when the Beatles formed)
  • Infinite Jest
  • Improvised solos by amateur jazz musicians
  • The length of an average Major League baseball game
  • A friend ‘s experimental improvised dance show
  • The wait for my Apple Watch to ship

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