By: Bryan Safi

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The First Gay Sportscaster: Super Bowl Edition

The Super Bowl is coming, and Bryan Safi – unofficial first gay sportscaster – is on a mission to cover it. Or at least the halftime show w/ Katy Perry. So to prepare for his halftime show commentary, he consults with legendary sports commentator Pat O'Brien and goes to a Mini Mansions concert. Will it be a disaster? Yes.

Talent: Bryan Safi, Pat O'Brien, Alex Richanbach, Mini Mansions
Writer/Director: Bryan Safi
Writer/Director: Alex Richanbach
Producers: Eleanor Winkler, Ben Sheehan
DP: Matt Sweeney
Cam Op: Matt Diamond
Gaffer: Ian Thomas
HMU: Emily Rae
PA: Matt Wolf
Sound: Mike Robertson
Editor: Mike Burke
Graphics: Shawn James
Special thanks to Rishi Shah, Grace Segundo, Alex Maxwell, The Troubadour and Mini Mansions.

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