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55 Best Places to Fart on IU’s Campus

Flatulence. Toots. Passing Wind. Butt Burp. Air Biscuit.Benchwarmer. Taint Tickler. FARTS.

Some are loud and forceful, some are silent and deadly, butthey are something we all experience on a daily basis. When in the comfort ofyour own home or when in good company you can let them rip loudly and proudly.However, farts sneak up on us often at very inconvenient times. Usually we canhold them in until we can find a safe place to release that cheek squeak, butsometimes it is hard to know where the most appropriate location to do so is.After surveying a large portion of the student body at Indiana University wehave compiled a list of the 55 best places to let your stale wind blow.

  1. Arboretum

  2. Walking up Ballantine stairs

  3. A humid lecture in Swain West

  4. Seventh floor of the stacks

  5. SRSC racket ball court

  6. Next to napping pledge in union lounge

  7. Overcrowded A bus

  8. Overcrowded B bus

  9. Teter quad (anywhere)

  10. Village Deli kitchen

  11. Vacant union phone booths

  12. Sitting in Showalter fountain

  13. Beck Chapel pew

  14. On the racist Woodburn murals

  15. Hoagy Carmichael ‘s lap

  16. Dunn meadow (during fall)

  17. 9am geology lab

  18. Dunnkirk popcorn machine

  19. 7th hole of IU golf course

  20. Kinsey Institute

  21. Jordan Hall Green House

  22. Dull moment at your one friend ‘s improv show

  23. Stargazing at Kirkwood observatory

  24. Education library

  25. In line for C store sub

  26. Z&C

  27. On a freshman

  28. In sign language class so no one can laugh

  29. Foster living learning community

  30. Collins coffee house poetry slam

  31. Ski/Snowboard club call out meeting

  32. Union Starbucks during open mic

  33. On your portion of the group project

  34. In an overcrowded pledge ride

  35. SPEA library

  36. Wells group study room

  37. Jordan Bridge

  38. During foreign film screening at IU cinema

  39. Post ICORE photo shoot

  40. On the people carding at Nick ‘s English Hut

  41. In front of high school college visit tours

  42. On the “Please stop the violence” guy

  43. The jungle

  44. Bobby Knight ‘s chair

  45. As you leave your drug dealers house so he knows you ‘re not friends

  46. On that test you just bombed

  47. Your out of state tuition bills

  48. On the leather seats of an international students really expensive car

  49. Health Center waiting room

  50. IMU Elevator

  51. Center Stage in the IU Auditorium so the sound really resonates

  52. Saki bombing at Ami right when everyone yells “BOMB”

  53. On your dorm roommate who hasn ‘t left the room in 4 days because he ‘s on a Netflix binge

  54. While giving blood in the Red Cross trucks outside Ballentine

  55. In the bathroom, you pig. Have some common decency.

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