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Alabama County Halting ALL Marriages To End Gay Marriage

Just weeks after a federal judge ruled same sex marriage legal in the state of Alabama, one county has decided they will suspend the issuing of all marriage licenses while Mobile County ‘s probate court reviews the federal court ‘s decision. The county hopes to get support for banning same sex marriage by blaming same sex marriage for not allowing anyone to get married. Essentially, cutting off the face to spite the nose.

If it works with a hot button issue like same sex marriage, the county has plans to use similar strategies to solve other controversial issues.

Gun control:
Everyone is forced to have an unregistered automatic firearm until it is legal for anyone to own an unregistered automatic firearm.

All old people get killed until we outlaw physician ‘s assisting some old people ‘s suicide.

Alternative energy:
No energy at all for anyone until these ‘alternatives” stop messing with the status quo.

Marijuana Legalization:
No one is allowed to smoke anything or light anything on fire including to heat food or warm houses until marijuana is completely illegal and we can arrest and throw in jail anyone with the stuff.

Illegal for anyone to get pregnant. Women getting pregnant will deliver their baby then the baby will immediately be thrown in the garbage until everyone who gets pregnant delivers a baby and takes it home before throwing it in the garbage.

Medicine is illegal and destroyed on sight until people don ‘t even remember what medicine is. They just get sick and say ‘Well there ‘s nothing anyone could possibly do about this” and then die.

It ‘s illegal to have sex with anyone until there ‘s a law where you can only do it with these 9 people

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