By: Jesse Neil

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Triskaidekaphobia (The Fear Of Friday The 13th) And 20 Other Lesser-Known Fears

Friday the 13th is a scary day to some people. But really, everyday is scary when you remember that ISIS is a thing.

Triskaidekaphobia, the fear of Friday the 13th, has become an issue twice already in 2015. While the phobia may seem strange to some, it is hardly the oddest of fears. Here ‘s a list of some lesser-known phobias.

  • Chaetophobia ‘ Fear of hair
  • Gymnophobia ‘ Fear of nudity
  • Whimsyphobia – Fear of Wes Anderson films
  • Coulrophobia ‘ Fear of clowns
  • Coulrophobia – Fear of cable news hosts
  • Arachnophobia ‘ Fear of spiders
  • Iraqnophobia ‘ Fear of imaginary WMDs
  • Phobiaphobia ‘ Fear of FDR speeches
  • Kleptophobia ‘ Fear of Robin Thicke
  • Dontbelikebeccaphobia – Fear of eating the last brownie and then people judging you for eating the last brownie
  • Xanthophobia ‘ Fear of the color yellow (See also:Whimsyphobia)
  • Aibohphobia ‘ Fear of palindromes
  • Melanophobia ‘ Fear of the color black
  • NYPDaphobia ‘ Also the fear of the color black
  • Wastedyearsaphobia – Fear of earning a performing arts degree
  • Gephyrophobia ‘ Fear of bridges
  • Ecclesiophobia ‘ Fear of churches
  • “Ecclesio”phobia ‘ Fear of the Church of Scientology
  • Jeff Gephyrophobia ‘ Fear of Jeff Bridges
  • Pinaciphobia ‘ Fear of lists

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