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Drunk Article #10: I Really Like College Humor

I think people assume we don ‘t like each other but it ‘s not true. A ton of my friends have worked there over the years and they ‘re all really talented and cool and have gone on to do great things. I think Precious Plum is one of the fucking funniest web series I ‘ve ever seen. Also when I was on a UCB House Team they let us use the conference room for writers meetings for free.

We ‘ve never talked about it but I hope they feel the same way about Funny or Die. I would actually love to like play FOD vs. CH in a softball game or some shit. Not kickball though. Why do adults play kickball?! It ‘s ridiculous. “Wanna join my intramural kickball league?!” Um, NO, DUDE. Get out of my face.

I get really bad hangovers and I ‘m not looking forward to tomorrow. Please watch the trailer to I Am Big Bird. I recently saw it and it ‘s fucking great. Can you imagine if they used this quote on the back of the DVD? “Fucking Great!” says Funny or Die!! That would be amazing.

UGHGHHGHGHGH!!!!!!! I got up from my desk for two dang seconds and someone made my cursor fucking huge and I don ‘t know how to change it back. The arrow is like 10x the size that it ‘s supposed to be. I ‘m pretty sure I know who did it, too. Fuck this place.

Where was I? Oh right, see the thing about Darfur is ‘LOL JUST KIDDING. I have no idea what I was talking about. New Kendrick album rules btw.

On a Fun Scale of 1 to 10 I ‘m having like a ‘6? I know that number is gunna decrease as the day goes on though.

I just let Jenny and Melinda do my nails. Here ‘s how they came out:

I ‘ve never had this done before but I feel confident in saying it ‘s awful, right? This can ‘t be how it was supposed to look. I was polite though and told them I thought it was good.

In all sincerity Lou Bega hasn ‘t even done that many girls. Just 5. Also, like, don ‘t sing about them. It ‘s so rude.

Everyone reply to this post with an Irish stereotype they think is FALSE and an Irish stereotype they think is TRUE.

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