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Will Ferrell Debuts As The New Face Of Little Debbie

These days it can be hard to tell who will show up when you book Will Ferrell on your talk show. You might, for instance, get a snake-obsessed leprechaun, which will only turn out to be upstaged the very next day by a pretty girl selling zebra cakes. In this clip, the adorable new face of Little Debbie sings, tests out some slogans, and shows America ‘s Sweetheart Jim Fallon how easy it is to tell her snack cakes apart from other foods, simply by tasting them and feeling them.

Later in the show, Ferrell explains that he ‘s actually bound by a contract to keep dressing like Little Debbie for a few decades. It ‘s hard to tell so early on what this deal will do to his career but we at Funny Or Die support him, of course!

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