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6 Reasons It’d be Stupid if you Missed the @LaughIU LIVE Event

6 Reasons It ‘d be Stupid if you Missed the @LaughIU LIVE Event

Listen, you ‘re a smart person. Look at you. You ‘re wearing underwear. It ‘s been less than 7 days since you ‘ve showered. I bet you even have a bookshelf. You at least own a book. Those are crazy- smart decisions and we wouldn ‘t want anyone to think you ‘re less than the amazing genius you are.
So please take the next 2-3 minutes (depending on your reading speed) to observe this list of arguments, analyze them, and then present your findings in the form of an RSVP to Funny Or Die IU ‘s event page!

  • 1. @LaughIU is IU ‘s first and ONLY comedy game show. Translation? It ‘s literally history in the making. They will write about this one day. Don ‘t you want to tell your grandkids or grand cats (no judgement) that you went to @LaughIU ‘s FIRST live show? I know you do. RSVP here.
This was in an episode once. V funny.
  • 2. Sometimes on @LaughIU people have to do stupid things. For instance, one time Amy Corson from the University tWits had to act like a sloth. It would be stupid for you to miss an opportunity to see a comedian humiliate themselves for your pleasure,yes? Obviously. RSVP here.
Very sloth-y, no?
  • 3. Should ‘ve mentioned this earlier. But Pizza X will be there providing free pizza and prizes! Free pizza? YES. RSVP HERE!
Free. Pizza.
  • 4. FOD Man will be there and he is SO FUN. You have got to meet FOD Man. You guys will hit it off so well. We just know it. You have so much in common plus he ‘s SO CUTE. Anyway, he ‘ll be there so just play it cool and RSVP here.
Yeah ok. He ‘s holding condoms in the photo which is a little presumptuous but at least he ‘s safe.
  • 5. IT ‘S INTERACTIVE! That ‘s right! You think you ‘re funny. We KNOW you ‘re funny. So if you think of any joke at all during the live filming, we ‘ll read it, fav it, RT it, and if it ‘s REALLY funny we ‘ll read it on the show!
Cool logo, right?
  • 6. It ‘s genuinely going to be a very cool time with some very cool people who are trying to make you laugh! This event is going to give you free pizza and swag, but you are also guaranteed to have a great time! If you are into having a super fun, free time RSVP here.
ok. That ‘s cute.

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