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James Corden Helps Tom Hanks Quickly Act Out His Entire Filmography

Tom Hanks is a superstar, known to many for his greatest works like the Carly Rae Jepsen video that came out earlier this month and that typewriting app for iPads. But did you know he ‘s also been in movies? Several Lots of them? James Corden, who hosted his very first episode of the new Late Late Show last night, is here to help anyone who wants to learn more about Hanks ‘s little-known acting career.

Corden and Hanks spent nearly seven minutes running through a marathon of some of Hanks ‘s most famous roles, like a guy yelling at a volleyball and a guy yelling at a baseball player, plus some guys who don ‘t yell as much, plus some songs, plus a few more guys who like to yell.

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