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What I Never Got To Ask My Barista During #RaceTogether

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Last week Starbucks launched an initiative to encourage people to talk about race by writing the hashtag #RaceTogether on customers ‘ cups. This hashtag would invite a conversation between the customer and the barista over racial issues. After immediately being met with criticism, #RaceTogether was over as soon as it began. I didn ‘t even get a chance to participate, but if I had, here are things I would have asked.

  • Can I sing the Notorious B.I.G song “Juicy” at karaoke?
  • If it fits me well, can I wear Fubu?
  • Does it seem like I ‘m trying too hard if I watch Empire? What if I talk about it all the time?
  • What ‘s a dap?
  • Am I allowed to say I relate to Kendrick Lamar ‘s new album?
  • Even though it ‘s a holiday, should I work on Martin Luther King Jr. Day?
  • Can a black person be racist?
  • Shouldn ‘t there be black Band-Aids?
  • Can I own the DVD of Roots? What if I display it prominently?
  • Is this the way we deal with race now? Hashtags?
  • Has anyone ever bought a cake pop?
  • When Norah Jones comes in here is she embarrassed to hear her own music?
  • Is the fall the absolute worst time to work at Starbucks?
  • Are there any workplace romances?
  • If yes, oooooh,spill the deets.
  • When people buy an egg-salad sandwich here, does it bum you out?
  • Is it super annoying that you are required to engage in discussions about race when you thought you could just get high, come to work, and make coffee?
  • Do you dare me to walk in the bathroom barefoot?
  • Is giving a gift card the easiest way to tell someone you don ‘t really know them?
  • How long until we can stop racing together?
  • Will \#RaceTogether just organically fade away?
  • Sorry, I actually don ‘t want to buy anything, but what ‘s the WiFi password here?

Image via USA Today

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