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Robert Durst From The Jinx Terrorizes The Conan Studios

Jinx-heads rejoice! Fans of the HBO true crime documentary series will be glad to know that pale millionaire Robert Durst won ‘t let a tape recorded murder confession and subsequent arrest stop him from continuing to appear on your TV. Specifically Durst ‘s face won ‘t stop showing up on Conan, distracting Conan O ‘Brien and Andy Richter from their jobs of introducing guests for their late night TV show and not having to deal with murderers.

If you like what you see on TV and want a Durst Alert to visit you on the comfort of your own computer screen, all you have to do is visit the Team Coco website where if you press control-D, Robert Durst ‘s spooky face and “so out-of-date” glasses will invade the personal space of your browser, too. Like this, but definitely also check it out for yourself:

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