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These Kindle Book Covers Are So Bad You Might Swear Off Reading

You are reading this from the future. We now live in a world where no longer can your ideas be shut out by gatekeepers or buried by “the man.” If you have a story to tell, you can share it on your own terms, immediately and with complete creative control. But wait, that ‘s a BAD idea.

The tumblr Kindle Covers Disasters collects those book covers from the Amazon Kindle Store that are so bad, so poorly thought-out, so lazily Photoshopped, that it makes us question the entire idea of a free and open internet. “Who made this?” “They were allowed to write a whole book?” “Who even gave this person a computer?” are all things you might say out loud. “I would rather give up reading all together than accidentally read one of these!” is a fourth thing you ‘ll probably say.

But you know what? These make for great internet content, and that ‘s better than anything most of us have ever done. So, good for them. Some disasters can be beautiful.

h/t Happy Place

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