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ISIS In Tataouine And Other Terrorist Activity In Star Wars Films

ISIS is residing in Tataouine. Or put another way, Tataouine is about to be destroyed for a second time.

ISIS, the terrorist organization best known for their appearances in your nightmares, has taken the Tunisian town of Tataouine. If that name sounds familiar it ‘s because it was a location in Star Wars. This isn ‘t ISIS ‘s only connection to the famous films. True fans may already know some of the Star Wars/ISIS trivia listed below.

ISIS Blows Up The Death Star

This well known climax of the first ever Star Wars film was actually an unplanned ISIS attack on the set. The altered ending was seen as an improvement on the original, which called for Han Solo to whisper, ‘I couldn ‘t save them ‘” as he watched his friends gruesomely slaughtered by Empire forces.

ISIS Prevents Jungle Filming

The Hoth base featured in The Empire Strikes Back was originally intended to be a warm climate shoot until ISIS arrived on location in Peru determined to ‘steal the faces of all your spouses.” George Lucas decided to move filming to Norway as a result.

ISIS Creates Jar Jar Binks

The much-maligned character was never supposed to exist, but during filming George Lucas was approached by two ISIS members who threatened to, ‘throw all your children onto spikes unless you insert an offensively-Jamaican, nonsense dog-rat into your film. Oh and give him a dumb fucking name. Something like Jar Jar, but maybe not that stupid.”

ISIS Writes, Directs, and Produces Attack of the Clones

Diehard ISIS followers regard this act as the 4th worst attack on the West for which the terrorist organization has claimed responsibility.

ISIS Kills That One Ewok

You know the one. His friend tries to wake him up and then realizes he ‘s gone? Oh man. It ‘s so sad. Fuck ISIS.

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