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I Don’t Think Football Trades Should Be Allowed Because They’re Mean: A Sports Opinion

Look how sad this football player is! He misses his old neighborhood and friends.

Let me say this first: I don ‘t watch football. I don ‘t hate it or anything, but I am pretty busy reading young-adult novels so it ‘s hard to find the time.

However, sometimes someone wants to tell me some football stuff, and there ‘s one thing in particular that troubles me about the NFL and what it does to football players: trades. I think that trades are mean.

I don ‘t know much about how trades work and I ‘m not going to do any research. But here ‘s what I do know: Sometimes a football team takes a player, a nice player who has played hard for them, and given his all, and helped to win the football games, and they send him to another team without even asking him.

Football fans, did you guys know about this? Look it up. It ‘s true.

Maybe he is a player in Miami and they send him to Buffalo, and he has to just go there, and people will get mad if he does not pretend to love Buffalo like he loves Miami even though no one could ever love Buffalo like they love Miami. We know this because no one from Miami vacations in Buffalo.

He has to find a new house in a good school district in Buffalo, and get internet installed there, and make friends with his new teammates even though just a few months before he was giving them concussions. And maybe next year he has to do it all over again.

How are football fans OK with this? Let ‘s take, for example, the Seattle Seahawks, because they are my friend Dru ‘s favorite team. Recently they traded one of their players ‘ I ‘m not going to look up his name, let ‘s just call him Peeta Vampire ‘ they traded Peeta Vampire to the New Orleans Saints.

Now, I know some diehard Seahawks fans. They love the Seahawks. They wear Seahawks clothing. They eat Skittles, despite being grown-ass adults. They are especially big fans of the 2013 ‘2014 Seahawks, when they triumphed over rival San Francisco, made it to the Super Bowl, and wiped the floor with the Broncos to become Super Bowl champs.

Peeta Vampire was a member of that championship squad. I guess he did not play very much because he broke his knee or whatever but he was there. He was on the team. He got the necklace.

Whatever love Seahawks fans have for the team, whatever love the Seahawks have for each other, 1/11th of it should go to Peeta Vampire, whose real name I have just been told is Max Unger. It should not matter where he lives. How can you just turn off 1/11th of your heart? How can 1/11th of your love turn to hate when it moves to New Orleans? I think there are 11 players on a football team.

You may be wondering how I feel about trades in other sports. My answer is, football is the only sport I know for sure has trades.

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