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Links! An Oral History of News Radio, If The Internet Was A High School, And More!

This week ‘s links are chock full o'flavor.

  • The Cast and Crew Of NewsRadio Look Back On The Show That Refused To Play By The Rules – Uproxx
  • How To Be As Good At Fuck/Marry/Kill As Robert Durst – Reductress
  • 11 Greatest Undefeated Seasons In Sports History – The Onion
  • If The Internet Was A High School – Cracked
  • 10 Most ‘Oh My ‘ Moments Of George Takei On Howard SternHitflix
  • Weirdest Death Penalties State-By-State – Above Average
  • SeaWorld ‘s New TV Ad – Team Coco
  • 13 Vintage Photographs As Memes – Complex

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