By: John Harris

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Was The Building That Blew Up In New York A Muslim?

Following the Germanwings tragedy earlier this week, a lot of right wing conservatives have been asking tough questions about the religion of the co-pilot Andreas Lubitz, who appears to have deliberately crashed the flight, killing everyone aboard. “Was he a Muslim?” these patriots want to know; “What was his religion?” Rumors have already run rampant about the man in question, suggesting that he had converted to Islam and visited certain mosques linked to extremists ‘never mind that there isn ‘t a single shred of evidence to substantiate any of these allegations.

But to that end, I have some similar questions about the building that exploded in Manhattan this Thursday, injuring at least 19 people. What religion was the building? Was it a building of the Islamic faith? Not to jump to conclusions, but if this apartment building with a sushi restaurant on the ground floor was a structure that had converted to Islam and defected to certain terrorist elements, the public has a right to know.

Some might say that, like those fomenting anti-Muslim sentiments with their baseless speculation about the Germanwing pilot ‘s religion, I ‘m sowing the seeds of intolerance and hatred. But isn ‘t it crucial to determine whether this building blew itself up because it had somehow been recruited by ISIS, Al-Qaeda, or some other violent, extremist organization?

Just try to follow me here: there ‘s a very good chance that people of the Muslim faith entered the building at some point in the many decades since it was erected. So ask yourself, could the edifice have been radicalized by one of these tenants or visitors? We may never know. And some might even say that it ‘s unfair, ridiculous and dangerous to automatically attribute every tragedy to Islam, especially when it ‘s an inanimate building that ‘s being accused of terrorism.

But it ‘s just safer to assume that the answer is “yes, this building was a Muslim extremist.”

And to those who would say, “it was a gas leak ‘a terrible freak accident,” let me counter with this: open your goddamn eyes, you stupid idiot. Will it be a “freak accident” when your office building converts to radical Islam and explodes? How about when your favorite mall becomes an enemy of the United States? Or, God forbid, your children ‘s school? These are all buildings, just like the one that blew up in Manhattan. And they could just as easily become jihadist structures, intent on destroying themselves with as many American citizens inside as possible.

In fact, the best course of action is to start living, eating, sleeping, working and conducting all other business usually reserved for the insides of buildings outside, in open fields instead. If this week ‘s events have taught us anything, no building ‘or person, or any other thing, living or not ‘can be trusted. We must live in a constant state of fear and suspicion that everything around us could very well be a Muslim terrorist, so we can preserve our freedom. And it is my firm belief that anyone inside a building from this point forward is just helping the terrorists win.

So I ‘ll see you out in the open, America.

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