By: Ellen Wroe

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The Juice Cleanse

The Juice Cleanse Remember that time you opted to voluntarily starve yourself and drink only juice for days on end? If your answer is no, you've probably never survived a summer in Los Angeles. If your answer is yes, CONGRATULATIONS! You've caved to one of the many diet trends set in motion by this city's colossal body dysmorphia epidemic. No judgement here, we did it too. See video above. *Disclaimer: Trapped in LA Productions does not condone the use of firearms, violence, or juicing in general. **For more content check out: & CREDITS Directed by Nick Wenger Written/Produced by: Shannon Morrissey and Ellen Wroe Staring: Shannon Morrissey Ellen Wroe Laura Thomas Dyson Posey Chadwick Hopson Jonathen Wallace Shot by Lance Kuhns Edited by Nick Wenger Sound by Rich Gavin G/E Swing: Alden Dobbins AC: JD Morrissey HMU: Mellissa Pizzamiglio Color: Jordan Branch PA: Greg Westcott PA: Wes Ambrecht

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