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Man Recreates Scene Of Homer Simpson Eating Bite-For-Bite

If you ‘re in the business of attempting to create humorous content, more often than not you ‘ll come up with what you think is a great idea only to have a coworker shout at you, ‘The Simpsons did it!” Of course she ‘s right, so you start to wonder whether you ‘ll ever have an original idea, or if you ‘re, in fact, a fraud who should move back home and take that job down at your dad ‘s paper pusher deskjob factory, but it turns out your dad already gave that job away and so now there ‘s no place for you there either and then your boss comes to your desk and says you need to have 37 original ideas on his desk by 10 minutes from now or he ‘s assigning you to Nebraska to head up the defunct Nobody Cares division. Again, all of this happens more often than not.

Anyhow, the sneaky geniuses at CinemaRaven, figured out that the only idea The Simpsons will never do, is recreate The Simpsons, so they ran with that. In glorious, perfectly-not-perfect detail.

Here ‘s hoping this is just one of a million more of these scenes to come, or better yet, that some ambitious fan will organize the internet to recreate the entire damn series. It happens more often than not.

h/t Bro Bible

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