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Game Of Thrones, Gravity, And Breaking Bad On VHS, Finally

April 1st is a weird day. On one hand it ‘s a new month ‘ it feels more like spring, it ‘s a month later all of a sudden, etc. ‘ but on the other it leaves a lot of people looking/feeling like FOOLS (from all the April Fools-in ‘).

So if it seemed suspicious when French website Golem13 published an April 1st interview with a VHS-enthusiast who ‘d been converting modern movies and TV shows into the home video format, that ‘s because it was really just a prank. But not all is lost.

The thing that isn ‘t lost is that now we as a collective web can see what it might look like if Game of Thrones, Gravity,Guardians of the Galaxy, and more were all available on home video. Check out some of the fake videotape covers below, and note the attention to detail, like that only two Walking Dead episodes fit on each tape.

via Golem13, h/t Pop Culture Brain

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