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Pharrell And Jimmy Fallon Transform Into 80’s R&B Act “Afro & Deziak”

Kudos to The Tonight Show for always doing its duty (educating its audience about the most influential R&B duos in music history). Last night the show had Pharrell Williams as a guest, and he and Jimmy Fallon reminisced about their favorite old music showcase American Power Hour. And what a weird coincidence it was, since it just so happened that Fallon had been combing through some old tapes that afternoon and found a clip from APH featuring 80 ‘s R&B duo Afro & Deziak.

In watching these tapes, which it turns out Fallon found a bunch of, it becomes clear that Afro and Deziak are nothing more than two very needy men with a lot to ask of their lovers, and also that baby showers were big back then. Just some cool, real music facts that you know now, thanks to TV!

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