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Rihanna Pranks A Sleeping Jimmy Kimmel For April Fools’ Day

Pranks are odd because there ‘s no real consensus on what constitutes a prank. A prank could be putting toothpaste in someone ‘s sandwich cookies or telling your children you ‘re moving away but then saying never mind, or, in this case, breaking into someone ‘s house early in the morning to jump on their bed and make it rain dollar bills on their sleepy groggy heads while you blast your new single from a boombox. (In that last situation, you are Rihanna).

Watch Rihanna visit Jimmy Kimmel very early in the morning on April Fools ‘ Day to ‘prank” him:

During her interview later that night, Rihanna talks a bit about the kinds of pranks she usually pulls, and it turns out her prank on Kimmel could have been much worse. At least this prank didn ‘t have any raw fish.

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