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Who Will Star In The Live Action Winnie-The-Pooh?

Disney announced this week that they will produce a live action adaptation of animated classic Winnie-The-Pooh. Who should play that lovable, cuddly, silly ol ‘ bear Pooh? Here are some up-and-coming bear stars who are rumored to be in the mix for the role.

1. Bear

This bear would do an amazing job at playing cute, cuddly Pooh bear! You can tell he loves honey just from looking at him.

2. Bear

This bear is overdue for a breakout star turn, after years of languishing in obscurity in the forest (plus one guest starring role on The Big Bang Theory). He ‘s ready to join Emma Watson (Belle in the upcoming Beauty And The Beast) as a Disney star.

3. Bears

Either or both of these bears would be a great choice to frolic with Christopher Robin, who will be played by a real human child.

4. Tina Fey

Nontraditional casting, anyone? Comedy superstar Tina Fey has been shut out of bear roles for too long.

5. Bear

Aww, look at how hungry this silly ol ‘ bear is! He ‘s got a rumbly in his tumbly for sure.

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