By: Ryan Perez

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The Scientology-Approved Version Of ‘Going Clear’

The Church of Scientology responds to criticisms from the HBO documentary Going Clear by showing it to members who may be worried that they are part of a cult started by L. Ron Hubbard.

Starring- Ben Siemon, Fran Gillespie, Will McLaughlin, Jennie Pierson, Cissy Fenwick, Allan McLeod, Ryan Perez, John McKay, Bradly Schultz, Parker Seaman, Wes Schlagenhauf, Darren Miller, Travis Helwig and Ben Parks
Written and Directed by Ryan Perez
Director of Photography – Aaron Ulrich
1st AC – Brian Lane
Gaffer – Ian Thomas
Key Grip – Jonathan Shrader
Production Designer – Tricia Robertson
Wardrobe Stylist – Jordy Scheinberg
Make Up Artist – Brenna Haukendahl
Sound Mixer – Steven Edgar for BoTown Sound
Production Assistant – Ben Parks
Producer – Sean Boyle
Editor – Ryan Perez

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