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Louis C.K. Recalls Squashing Jimmy Fallon ‘s Dreams

During his Tonight Show interview last night, Louis C.K. told a story about how nearly two decades ago he watched a young, handsome Fallon audition for The Dana Carvey Show, on which C.K. was head writer. C.K. remembers some of Fallon ‘s act and the talent he could see developing at an early age, but most of all he remembers insisting that the show could not, under any circumstances, hire that guy. And it didn ‘t!

Luckily this incident didn ‘t ruin Fallon ‘s career, because 20 years later, it makes a cool story for one wildly successful comedian to tell another one on TV.

In a different part of the interview, C.K. tells a slightly more graphic story about some nervous troubles he had in the bathroom while performing at an event with NYC mayor Bill de Blasio.

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