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Watch A Giant Dog Drag His Kid Across The Road

Right now in the world we live in, it ‘s acceptable for kids to own dogs. But ‘hear us out ‘what if dogs owned KIDS. This dashcam video from the Czech Republic lets you think about that wild setup for all of about one second, which is exactly how long it takes this St. Bernard to cross the street while dragging a child along on his leash. The video raises a lot of questions, like (as previously mentioned) what if dogs owned kids?, but also is this what the Czech Republic is like because I ‘m not sure since I ‘ve never been!, and finally, what parent let their child walk a dog five time his size all by himself?

(It looks like the kid manages to get up again once they ‘re done crossing the road so we assume he is safe and happy. Hello, kid, if you ‘re reading this!)

h/t Deathandtaxes

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