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Gay Of Thrones S5 EP ?1? Recap: The Whores To Cum

Hair stylist Jonathan (Jonathan Van Ness) returns for another season of “Gay of Thrones” his unique recap of HBO's Game of Thrones, which runs every Tuesday on Funny or Die. This week's episode features guest star Dave Holmes.

Starring – Jonathan Van Ness
Featuring – Dave Holmes
Director – Erin Gibson
Producers – Matt Mazany and Ross Buran
Writers – Erin Gibson, Jonny Mais, Mark Rennie, Matt Mazany
Editor – John Ford
Director of Photography – Cristina Dunlap
Gaffer – Matt Sweeney
Production Designer – Flower Cole
Make Up and Hair – Emily Rae
Sound Mixer – Ryan Kaiser
Assistant Editor and Graphics – AJ Berna

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