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Jon Cryer And James Corden Recreate Duckie ‘s Record Store Dance From ‘Pretty In Pink’

Since taking over The Late Late Show, James Corden has been channeling his love of singing, dancing and movie magic into bits where he lovingly recreates pop culture moments with the very people that took part in those moments. (See: previously, when he helped Tom Hanks run through his filmography in under seven minutes).

Most recently, Corden had Jon Cryer on the show and the two recreated the iconic record store scene from Pretty In Pink in which Cryer ‘s character Duckie dances to Otis Redding ‘s ‘Try a Little Tenderness. ‘ Corden inserts himself into the scene dressed as a Duckie clone, and presumably if the clip went on a bit longer to recreate the whole movie, the Corden Duckie could go to prom and distract Andrew McCarthy ‘s character so he and Molly Ringwald never end up together since it kinda ruins the whole movie, don ‘t you think!!??

Below, watch Cryer and Corden dance, and also the original clip.

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