By: Jack McBrayer

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The $15 Million Global Learning XPRIZE with Jack McBrayer, David Walton, and Kulap Vilaysack

XPRIZE incentivizes bold breakthroughs to benefit humanity. The new Global Learning XPRIZE is challenging innovators everywhere to develop open-source software that enables children without access to quality education to teach themselves basic reading, writing, and arithmetic. Get involved, create a team, or follow the competition!

Talent: Jack McBrayer, David Walton, Kulap Vilaysack, Christy Meyers and Jeff Meacham.
Writer/Director – Alex Richanbach
Executive Producers – Jason Carden, Christian Heuer, Alex Richanbach, Emily Musil Church
Producer – Eleanor Winkler
DP – Charlie Sarroff
1AC/GnE – Michael Lincoln
Sound – Danny Carpenter for Botown Sound
HMU – Emily Rae
Robot technician – Ben Bain
PA – David Ferrier
Editor – Nicky Young
Art – Shawn James

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